Posting Pictures
Pictures can be posted using a couple of different methods; either by uploading directly to the forum as attachments, or by linking photos from a photo sharing website. For the purposes of this thread we will concentrate on photo share linking. 1. Sign up for an online photo sharing service and upload your photos to the photo sharing website. 2. Copy the link to the photo you desire to post, from your photo sharing website. The link must begin with http:// and end with .jpg, .gif, or a similar image file extension. 3. While creating a new thread or posting a reply in an existing thread click on the "Insert Image" button which is the icon that looks like a photograph. [IMG][/IMG] Clicking this button will bring up a pop-up window. Paste the link in the pop-up window and click OK. You will now see the link in your post, and it will have "image tags" at the beginning and the end. The one at the end will have a slash (/) in it. [i]example:[/i] [img ][/img ] 4. Some hosting services such as, include image tags already on the link. If so, copy and paste that directly into your post. 5. You can also type the image tags on the ends of your photo link. Example: [ img ][ /img ] (spaces were added to these image tags to prevent them from working. Leave out the spaces in your ACTUAL image tags.) Now just click the "Post" button and share your photo with the forum. 6. To link almost any photo on the internet, right-click on the photo and click 'Properties'. Highlight the URL and copy it so that you can paste it between image tags.