Where and When are you skating next?
My next planned session is at Funtime Skateland in Pearl, MS.
The boys and I plan to attend the 1-4 PM session. We'll probably get there around noon and have some of their famous fresh-made pizza. Essen

There is a possibility we may make it to out usual Sunday 2-5 session at Petal Roller Dome in Petal, MS. Not sure about that.
Looking forward to this trip. I got my wheels regrooved and am looking forward to trying that out as well as skating at a different rink. W00t2
Planning to skate at Petal Roller Dome in Petal, MS on Sunday March 28th with my two boys. 2-5 PM session.
(This is Reserector, BTW).
I was discussing the idea of skating the Friday evening session at Petal with chastityspence. She has not contacted me saying that she will be there, so I will figure on the Sunday afternoon 2-5 session.
I wouldn't mind going to see the Bout there Saturday night. Money's dind of tight this week, though.
The boys and I had a great time at Petal Roller Dome. Good session skate. Lots of parties, so lots of kids to duck and weave through. (fun Smile ) It was busy, but not what I would call crowded. Plenty of room to cut loose.
No falls for me. That's always a plus. Thumbup

Planning to go again next Sunday, unless something cooler comes up.
Neither of the local rinks will be open Sunday because of Easter.
I was so looking forward to skating in the afternoon after Easter services. If I had realized it sooner, I would have taken the boys to the Saturday afternoon session instead of waiting until Sunday. Now I don't get to skate a session for another week. Meh

I guess we will go skate at Audobon Park in Laurel as a consolation. It won't be the same though.
Well, we had a good time at the park. It didn't suck, anyway.
We mostly skated in the outdoor ampitheater because it had a super smooth concrete floor. We took the time to sweep the leaves and debris our of it and found traction to be pretty darn good.

All in all it was a beautiful day for outdoor skating. We had a good time and got a good workout, while exposing passersby to skating. We got some attention, that's for sure.

We'll try the Sunday session at Petal Roller Dome next.
Heading out to Petal again this Sunday April 18th from 2-5. I have been on the quadlines almost every evening this week. Building my stamina. Wink
We are looking forward to session skating tomorrow. I plan to do a few laps in the quadlines. Specter plans to roll the Ripquads for the same reason. It should be fun.
We had a great time at PRD as usual. The unusual skates were a real conversation piece. The Quadlines were slow and boggy on the rink floor, so I only did a few laps.
Spector skated the Ripquads most of the night. He really liked the performance of those wheels on the rink floor. Who'd a thunk?

Some pics from today:

[Image: PetalRollerDome001.jpg]
[Image: PetalRollerDome002.jpg]
[Image: PetalRollerDome003.jpg]
[Image: PetalRollerDome004.jpg]
Me and the boys. That's me in the middle.
[Image: PetalRollerDome005.jpg]

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