Wheel Giveaway! Drawing on March 2nd!!
We had so much fun with the first wheel giveaway, that WeSellSkates.com has graciously given SouthernSkater.com another set of Backspin Remix Lite wheels to give away to some lucky member. (Yes, your odds of winning these are actually very good.)

This time around, it is a set of eight BackSpin remix Lite in white. 93A hardness. These feature the all-new v 2.0 hub. Great grip and super light. 20% lighter than any other wheel on the market. Thoroughly tested and fully approved by Team Vanilla and derby girls around the country.

[Image: wheels_zps24ba8dd8.png]

Why are we doing this? Simple, really. WeSellSkates.com wants to get their name out there as a first rate online skate and accessory vendor. SouthernSkater.com wants you to become familiar with the most dynamic roller skating forum site on the web. Southern Skater Forums, having the support of great vendors like WeSellSkates.com, is a real advantage for our members.
WeSellSkates.com benefits by having SS as a way of directly communicating with other active skaters. This allows them to see what we skaters want and need. It is a win-win-win because some lucky member will win these wheels!

It's as easy as 1-2-3:
1.) If you are not already a member, please register It is quick and absolutely free. (Be sure to check your email and follow the link to complete your registration.)

2.) If you are a new or existing member who has never posted, go to the FORUM INDEX, then create a new thread in the New Member Introductions section and introduce yourself. This is to help you become familiar with posting on the forum, and it gives us the chance to get to know you a little. (Click the HELP tab for instructions if you have any problems.)

3.) In this 'Wheel Giveaway' thread, post a reply saying "I want these wheels", or something to that effect.
* Only post once in the giveaway thread. The number of your post will be your entry number. (Any unrelated posts will be moved or deleted from the giveaway thread.)

Entries are NOT VALID if you only post in this thread. (See rule number 2. above.)

The winner will be drawn on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013. The wheels will ship directly from WeSellSkates to your mailbox.

If you have any questions, please shoot me a private message here on the site.

Best of luck!
I want these wheels!
I'd like these wheels too!
Sure-Grip Rebel Boots - Red
Sure-Grip White DA45 Magnesium Plates
Sure-Grip Fugitive Wheels - Purple 89a/Red 95a Zombies with Moto Prem Swiss, Red 92A with Bones Super Swiss 6, Black 92A/Orange 89A with Moto Prem Swiss
I also want these wheels!
I want these wheels!
I want these wheels!!
I want to keep these wheels Sneaky

Just kidding.. Good luck everyone!

I'd like these wheels!
I need this wheels!!!!!
I'd like me dem thar wheels for me, rightly so.

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