What have you done for your skates lately?
This is a thread for when you do something to maintain or improve your skates, but you don't feel that it deserves its own thread. Post up what you did here.

I'll start:

Removed the wheels and bearings. Cleaned the wheels really well, then put it all back. I just hope I didn't clean them in vain. The last couple sessions have been really dirty.

New insoles. Thick cushy ones to take up some extra space I have in my boots. The old ones are breaking down.
Replaced my boot's, plates, stops, plates, bearings and wheels Shock

I decided to go with something completely different, went from

Reidell hockey boots with XK4s and dyed Stroker Slims to Eekout

Custom Antik AR1s with Mag\Ti Avengers and Hyper Shaman wheels

I prefer some ankle support and it's tough to find boots that feel right for me.
rotated wheels on riedells, cleaned vanilla jr tiffanys got new laces and found a crack in the hub just got these. so i guess mon it is off to post office to send the wheel back.
What kind of wheel was it that cracked?
I finally got my new Rock Flame skates in so I've skated on them several times the past week to get use to them. The skates I used before these were some Chicago Bullets which was good to re-learn on; I have no big complaints on them, and I actually still like them.

My new Rock skates take some getting use to. The front wheel placement is at the ball of the foot rather than closer to my big toe such as on the Chicago skates, so pushing off is different. I did a trial and error until I found what was comfortable with loosening the front and back trucks to my liking. The boots have a lot of cushion and are comfortable, but DO run about .5-1 size bigger. I'm not sure if it's the cushioned boot that makes the skate feel like it's not fitting like a glove or because the boot runs slightly big but I began wearing 2 pair of socks and it does help. 1st thing I did to my new skates was put jam plugs in.

I ran into the same loosness with my ROCKs. I use a $10 pair of thick work boot insoles to take up the room and add some comfort.
I try to save money so I just double up on skates; it works well so far!
I just got finished cleaning and rotating my wheels . I read somewhere that wheels that have lost their grooves are actually better then with them. Something about with groves they have only 40% floor contact. Heck, only about half of each wheel shows wear so I'm skating on 40% of 50% of my wheels???
My Skates:
Riedell 297 Boots
Roll Line Ring Plates
Roll Line Speed Bearings
Bones Super Elite 57mm x 30mm 103a Wheels

It depends on several factors. Floor condition, wheel compound, your personal preference, skating style, and so on. The only thing that most will agree on is that wheels grip and roll differently with and without grooves. What you prefer is up to you.
I swapped out my fairly-new Rollerbones Snakes for a set of Rollerbones Dragsters. Short (57mm), narrow (30mm) and firm (97A). Somehow or other they grip but are FAST! Super agile, light, and fast. Did I mention cheap? These wheels list at $42, and I'm loving 'em. If I'd known I liked their wheels this much, I'd have bought 'em a year ago.

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