Wearing through boot
I have a set of K2 exo skates that I got second hand. The fit nicely.

Recently I noticed that the right inside ankle is starting to wear through at the main rivet. Is they anything I can do? The left side doesn't seem to have this issue yet.

[Image: ba3753f99cb3d566910e7bcc29146e94.jpg]

[Image: 5144ee68f72457027e4ce4ac6234c6cc.jpg]

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I have a pair of motocross boots that were doing that in the heel. I repaired them by cutting a patch of thin, soft leather from an old purse that I bought at the Salvation Army. (I bought the purse just for its leather.) I glued the patches into the boots with Shoe Goo that I bought at Walmart in the shoe aisle.

So far they are holding up great. The Shoe Goo remains flexible, and the leather is far more durable than the original material.

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