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Vendors and patrons all deserve fair, equal treatment. At it is our policy to see that that belief is upheld. While the staff of (also referred to as “the site”) will do everything within reason to insure fairness, we cannot anticipate nor defend against all indiscretions that may occur. and its staff shall not be held liable in any legal or civil matters that may result from a vendor dispute.

Vendors are not the enemy, nor should they be exploited just because their goal is to earn a profit. The keyword here is “earn”.
If a vendor proves unworthy of respect by the forum community, or is deemed unsuitable for the site, any ad fees will be refunded on a prorated basis, ads will be removed, and vendor status will be revoked. merely provides a virtual mall where members may interact and purchase goods and services from fellow members. All members are encouraged to support their community and its participating vendors. encourages skate-related vendors to participate in our discussion boards. It is vitally important that our members are able to communicate with one another whether they be patrons or business owners.

Vendors must be active members of and are expected to participate in conversations within the forums.

Vendor – A person or group who sells a product or service for the purpose of earning a profit.

Private Seller – Any member, including vendors, who are selling unique, individual items such as used parts/equipment, or new items bought for personal use, but not used. Private sellers may make a profit on items sold, however private sales are not intended to disguise a reseller operation.

Reseller – A person or group who purchases items or lot quantities of items with the intention of reselling them at a profit. considers a reseller to be equal to a Vendor with regard to this vendor policy.

Responsibilities and Liabilities:

Any business which opts to become an approved vendor on is responsible for:
• The content of their advertisements.
• The conduct of any/all employees.
• Payment of advertising services.

Payment of advertising services shall be paid in full for each advertisement period prior to ad posting. Ads removed during an ad period may be refunded on a prorated basis

Approved Vendor advertisements shall be posted in the Vendor section, which is accessible to all members and guests of the site.

Vendor advertisements shall be of uniform size as determined by the site administration. Ad size may increase or decrease according to site requirements and/or to optimize the Vendor section. All ads will remain equal in size regardless of any changes.

If changes in the site are considered undesirable to the vendor, The vendor may remove his/her ad/s and receive a prorated refund.

Discussion of products in the forums is allowed and encouraged, however, the forums may not be used as a “sales floor” to convince potential buyers to buy from a particular vendor.

Vendors may make offers to individual members through the use of the Private Messaging (PM) system provided the offer is relevant to a particular thread or post. Making offers to more than one member at a time shall be treated as spam. (Spammers get banned or even deleted.)

Sales are to be conducted through the vendor links in the Vendor section whenever possible.

Vendors are encouraged to provide a unique link that indicates to the vendor that the inquiry originated at

Vendors are encouraged to provide back links to (One hand washes the other.)

Vendors and their employees, who are forum members, will have a “vendor” badge added below their username that indicates that they are a vendor.

Vendors and their employees may include the name of their business in their user title, and only once in their signature.

There shall be no live links to vendor sites included in signatures. A live link to the vendor page is allowed.

Sales or promotions are not allowed in signature text, signature images, signature links, nor avatars.

Ad cost will be negotiated on a per ad basis, and may vary according to forum traffic at the time of negotiation. Each ad may be reassessed and renegotiated at the completion of each ad period.

Once agreed upon, the ad cost may not be changed for the remainder of the ad period. The ad may be removed and a prorated refund given, after which a new ad period may begin.

.pdf   SouthernSkater Vendor Policy.pdf (Size: 19.74 KB / Downloads: 2)

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