Tripping over stones
I'm new to skating, so maybe my expecience has something to do with my issue. I have atom pulse outdoor wheels. I guess i just assumed by having outdoor wheels they would smoothly glide over small loose gravel stones on the footpath. But instead they catch on my wheels and make me stumble. (Im not going very fast at this point either). Im scared to skate on any surface that isnt dead smooth... any advice? Thanks
Keep one skate ahead of the other for stability.
Try to keep as much weight as possible off of your front wheels. (Kind of an advanced skill, actually.) Less likely to jam on a pebble that way.
Always be ready to lift a foot that has hit a pebble, and hop; more like a running step.

Atom Pulse is a good outdoor wheel. Larger diameter wheels are better, but only to a point where they rub the bottom of the boot on turns. Narrow wheels are better than wide wheels because they miss more pebbles. Inline skates use narrow, tall wheels, which makes them more popular for outdoor skating.

Consider investing some sweeping time into the area that you like to skate if it is at all practical. Most walkways and paths will stay clean for quite a while once they are swept.

If the path is a busy public path, and sweeping it would make you appear like an idiot, seek out other places.

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Thanks so much for your reply! Will definatly try out those techniques, and ill concider saving for an extra set of wheels. Might give the sweeping a miss though as im sure i might get unwanted attention lol :-P thanks!
Sneak out at night like a ninja..... Sneaky

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