Trick Skating
Okay so I want to get into Trick Skating... Like I said in my intro. HOWEVER! I do have some questions on suggestions here. God I do hope this is the right forum section

1. What kind of skates are best?
I have my Riedells. BUT! They are a lower shoe, they have no ankle support (haha I was a jammer, I needed FULL control of my own ankles.
Should I get taller boots for trick skating?
Remember I will be playing OUTSIDE more often than not

2. Speed or safety?
As a Jammer, I have always been one more for the speed style bearings. All lubed up and slick as hell. OR should I look into normal bearings NOT built for speed for starting out as a trick skater?

3. Stops?
What type of stops should I use for outside? Ones that will offer the best of protection if needed in a pinch.

4. Wheels...
Are there better wheels for outside?

Any an all feedback and suggestion is TOTALLY appreciated! <3. As I am BASICALLY starting from square one again here. It took me 1 1/2 to 2 years to actually get good at derby and another 6 months to become the Jammer that I was.

So here I acknowledge that this is not something to get into on a whim. I KNOW I need the practise, and help. Hence why I am here.
If you ain't bleeding, you didn't play hard enough!

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