(Too late for this) Wheel Giveaway!!
We Sell Skates has graciously given SouthernSkater.com a set of 8 of the newest Backspin Trackstar wheels featuring an all-new v 2.0 hub to GIVE AWAY!

[Image: BckSpin_TrckStar_Rd.jpg]

OK, so if you want to own this set of wheels, ABSOLUTELY FREE, post a reply in this thread saying "I want these wheels", or something to that effect.
* You only get one post.
* Your post number will be your entry number.
Any unrelated posts will be moved or deleted from this giveaway thread.

Here is the catch, if you want to call it that; If you are new to the site, you MUST create a new Introduce Yourself thread HERE (Clicky) before you can post here saying that you want the wheels. We want you to be a part of this online skating community. That's all we ask.
You see, we are not looking for a home for these wheels; we are looking to reward an active member of this site. Loyalty has its rewards. Wink

The winner will be drawn on January 19th. The wheels will ship directly from WeSellSkates to your mailbox.

Please thank WeSellSkates by visiting their site at http://wesellskates.com

If you have any questions, shoot me a private message.
I would <3 to get new wheels! My old pair of rental skates could use a re-haul, these would be pretty awesomeThumbsupup
I want these wheels!! I need a set of new wheels badly... and been trying to decide what I want... This would make my decision easy Smile
I want these wheels! Please ^_^
WooHooo!!!! I want these wheels!! Thank you for offering them!
They look like they could be some fun! And that's awfully nice of WeSellSkates.
Fresh Eddie wants those wheels! Smile

Thanks We Sell Skates for helping Southernskater get more peeps!! Smile
I would love to win those wheels. I'm in my first season of derby so I am in the original wheels that came with my skates in need of a new pair so those would really come in handy.
I want these wheels! Smile
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I want these wheels!

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