Skating to reduce blood pressure?
Just an update: My BP has been back under control for a while now. Once I got it down with medication, I started skating again, and doing other physical activity. The aerobic workout that skating provides seems like the best antidote to high blood pressure.

I still haven't gotten back on a diciplined routine, but I'm trying to make that happen. I just need to force myself until it becomes habit again.

But anyway, I'm feeling good once again. Shades I still need to get my BP lower. I'm just glad to have it back within reasonable limits.
Res...I just saw your post and I have the same weight/BP situation. My first problem was I'd take my BP at home and it was fine ...go to the doctor and it was high. I finally took in my wrist type BP monitor and it was not indicating the current BP when compared to the doc's cuff monitor. I bought a Omron cuff monitor and it's accurate. When I started back skating in June of '11 I lost 15 pounds and my BP went down. I take BP meds now and am about 10 pounds heavier and it's crept back up. I think skating is excellent cardio and makes your heart stronger but by its self won't bring BP down. For me I skate like a fiend 2~3 times a week and take class and private lessons. I can't wait until June when between my two rinks here I can skate every day. But, for me it's the weight loss that brings the BP down and makes my doctor happy :-) He's the one that got me back into skating in the first place because he wanted me to get more that time I was getting about zero.
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I was on the lowest dose for a while after losing about 45 lbs. I gradually put it back on, and now I am on the highest dose. I need to lose weight. To do that, I need to mentally commit to making a lifelong change. Thats not as easy as it sounds.

I have not been skating much, but I have been working on outdoor projects. So what I do jog instead of walk, and anything else I can to bring my heart rate and breathing up. it helps. I'll do good from spring through the fall, but unless I stay active through the winter, or lose the weight, I will be right back in the same boat next year.

My mother always warned me not to get old. I should have listened to my mother. Shades
Skating, or any cardio helps with blood pressure. The issue is your taking meds to slow your heart down to lower blood pressure. Your going to increase your heart rate skating. Better talk to your doc, and see if he recommends it. Also you can feel weak, and tired on blood pressure meds. May not have the energy to go. My HR was around a 100 sitting on the couch. I'm 6'2". I was 243 lbs. BP was 140/90. I started to ride a bike in the summer, skate during the winter. Work out with weights. I'm 195 now BP is 102/70 HR usually low 60's. I wasn't on blood pressure meds, but that was the next step, so I changed. Good luck
At one time I was having headaches bad. Usually 3 to 4 migraines a week and short on breath. I was a couch potato. I got back into skating by accident. I went to a rink after finding an old pair of skates I had stored. I went back and found out just how bad off I was. I now skate every week no matter, unless it just has to be skipped. So far I have missed about 4 sessions in 5 years. The doctors look at my blood pressure and then look at me and ask what medicine am I on. LOL None I say. They are amazed when I tell them I skate.
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I let myself get out of my routine. Been off skates so long that I know it's going to be a struggle to get back up to speed. I still have the skill, but I'm overweight and out of shape.
My interests change every several years, and then I cycle back around. It's just a matter of time until I'm back in full swing.
I have a couple more months left on my current infatuation. After that, I foresee a big shift in my activities.
You're right about the meds. They make me lazy, which is counterproductive. Once I get moving, i'm fine. It's just hard to get motivated.
Lately I've gotten back into mountain biking. That has really helped keep me active.
When the weather turns hot, I will be back in the rink where it's air conditioned.
The bicycle riding has been working out well, except that I don't have a safe place nearby to ride. Back roads around here will get you run over. So, like skating, it has to be planned.
I still feel that for me, skating is the better workout. I get more worked up when I'm skating, because I am moving to the music. I work harder at it.

But it has gotten to a point where I MUST exercise a couple hours a week, or my BP goes up. So the trick is to make it more accessible, and practical. Maybe I can find a place to ride in MY town. Need to do some searching on Google Maps...
I got off the inlines and back on the quads. I did not realize just how much more work quads are. You can vary your wheel hardness but I don't like skating soft wheels, it is detrimental to going fast... LOL. Skating in the summer indoors is great! I recently(4months) cut out breads and cheat once a week. Cut back on cereals and sugar. Low carb. I lost 20 lbs in 2 months, hit a plateau, then started dropping weight again. So far dropped 3 inches in the waist and 23lbs. So weight is dropping again. Skating is getting better now.
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Congratulations on the weight loss! Thumbsupup

I have been slowly cutting down on my intake, but not weighing myself yet. I'm concentrating on my excercise for the sake of BP. My oldest son has gotten back into bicycling, so I have been doing that moe than skating.
We got mountain bikes, but moved on to road bikes when the weather got hot. A road bike is to a mountain bike as inlines are to quads; faster, so you have to work at it longer to get the same benefit.
Fortunately, there is enough airflow over me on the road bike to keep me cool as long as I hydrate. I go to the rink on hot, rainy days.

I usually get in a two or three hour session on something each weekend. I consider it a medical necessity, because it is. It also relieves stress. I know for a fact that my blood pressure is improved because I feel SOO much better all the time.

I have one more thing to work on, and that is sleep. I go to bed too late. I get more and more behind on sleep during the week, and then catch up on the weekend. That leads to snacking, and late-night eating. I need to change my habits there.

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