Skating to reduce blood pressure?
I've been lazy. There, I admitted it. I haven't been skating but once every so often.
I don't know exactly why. I blame it mainly on other interests. For a while I was needed by my church to carry some of the load after our Pastor resigned. That put a lot of pressure on me, and kept me busy on the day when I usually skate.

As things got back to normal at the church, (we called a new pastor), I was already out of the habit. I have been spending more recreation time on motorcycles.

Here's the problem: I put on about 30 lbs or the 45 I lost by skating. Now my blood pressure is a real threat to my health.

I read somewhere that a quick way to lower BP is to take a brisk walk. That got me thinking that I just need to diet and get back to skating.

So my question is this; do any of you think that the aerobic excersise of skating will actually lower blood pressure? I haven't been able to test the theory due to bad weather this week, but I plan to give it a shot. I need to do something other than increase medication. (Linisopril) And I LOVE skating better than any other exercise.
Give it a go! It can only help, in my opinion. Doing something that you love is god for your BP, and skating is good cardio. According to my Polar HR monitor, I usually burn 600-900 calories in a session, depending on how good the music is.
And I have to warn you, there's a new DJ. Boo
It should help. When I broke my hand and stopped skating, my blood pressure went up. My weight too. Since I have been weight lifting over the last 4 months, I have gained more weight. Possibly good weight. I was doing pretty well at 190. Not so well at 204. Since lifting, I am now 214-218. Eek I am a bit stronger now, and have been maintaining the strength, but I wouldn't mind losing some weight. I am only skating ONCE a week, today in fact, so I can put more energy into the lifting goals.

One thing I know for sure is that 1-3 one hour min bike rides per week do me better than 3 nights skating. Especially for my aerobic conditioning. But maybe I have been short changing the effect of 3 nights skating vs only one night. So, if you are like me, I would say the skating has more good effect than we realize. GO SKATE!! Whip
My BP was so high, that I though my heart was going to pound out of my chest. I'm taking a much higher dose of medicine, and it is slowly coming down to goal. I want to get it in a safe-ish range before I start rippin' up the maple. If the weather is decent this weekend, I plan to skate my driveway a bit and see how that goes.
(02-26-2015, 12:46 AM)Reserector Wrote: My BP was so high, that I though my heart was going to pound out of my chest. I'm taking a much higher dose of medicine, and it is slowly coming down to goal. I want to get it in a safe-ish range before I start rippin' up the maple. If the weather is decent this weekend, I plan to skate my driveway a bit and see how that goes.

Ooh, that's bad. Well, take your meds and get that under control. And maybe a supplement as well. Before I started lifting, I basically could not do much weight in a squat. Typically less than 100 lb. I tried a supplement, Nitric Oxide. (Arginine) It is an amino acid and has many good properties. Two of which are vasodilation and anti-inflammatory. The anti-inflammatory caught my eye, as I have long suspected my knee issues are partly due to inflammation. So I took it, and my knees IMMEDIATELY felt better. I took it one day and felt energetic. On the second day, I worked out and went over 100lbs on my squat. I think I did 120. No complaint from my knees. Currently, my WARMUP set is 110, 2nd set is 180 and 3rd set varies between 230 and 250 pounds. A nice improvement in strength, and I plan to keep going up. At least to 300.

So, the Nitric Oxide (Arginine) has kept all my joint inflammation down. I know it is all, because I forgot to take it one day, a skating day, and when I got to the rink, I felt like a sack of potatoes. ACHEY potatoes. All my problem areas flared up. Left ankle, both knees, shoulders. Plus I did not have much pep. My veins constricted because the arginine was not there dilating them. BTW, we get Arginine in some foods, and our body produces some, but that production goes down with age.

An Arginine protocol has even been proved to REVERSE to some degree, cardiovascular disease. Plaque in arteries, Hypertension.

I am taking a body builder oriented product that I got at the local drug store. M.R.I. NO2 Black. Huge horse pills. I take 2 2-3 times a day. But a better product is this:
I haven't ordered it yet. Maybe I'll do that now. This stuff is potent. It has Arginine, Citruline, B, C, and D vitamins, antioxidants and Folic acid. Your body turns Citruline INTO Arginine. Some people take CItruline instead of Arginine. What is slick is that when combined, they work synergistically. It helps the Arginine stay active in your tissues longer, making repairs to blood vessels and improving your immune system.

There is a couple dozen cool things this does. But my main reason to recommend it to you is to pep you up and to do something good for your BP aside from the drugs. Give her a try. Smile
ACHEY potatoes. Laughing1
I had planned to skate the driveway this evening (Sunday), but the rain ruined that plan. However, my BP has been down close to the max that the doctor said it should be. He said to keep it under 150/90. It has been right around that for the past few days. That's a good start.
Exercise should take it below that. I'm just glad to be out of the danger zone. Shades
Not sure what my blood pressure was before I got back into skating but recent trip to the dr office had my BP 112/56 pulse rate of 48bpm. I remember checking it at WalMart long ago and it was 130-142//68-74 somewhere in there. Weight was 195-198 now around 183.

Usually skate 3x sessions a week. No leisurely time on the floor.
When I started this thread, my home BP tester said I was running somewhere around 195/105. Doctor says that at my age, I should be no higher than 140/90.

I went up on BP meds and had gotten it down around that goal.
I've gotten back to skating my driveway loop, and have only done it a couple of times. But I have to admit that I feel better already. I skated a fairly brisk 3 miles each time, and it took about 25 minutes. I still felt like I could go farther with no trouble, but felt that I should limit myself the first few sessions.

I was at the doctor Friday for a sinus infection that was kicking my butt. Boxing I felt fine as far as blood pressure, and I was right. 126/80. I was very pleased.

I'll continue to monitor it as I get back into the driveway routine. My goal is to have some stamina back before an upcoming invite-only adult skate. I don't want to peter out halfway through the evening.

Zenocc, it sounds like you are on a good road to recovery, too. Keep it up! Thumbsupup And welcome to SS. Glad to have you.
Cant skate for a while. Gonna track my BP over the next few weeks if possible. Theres a tester at my local pharmacy so even if its off a bit ill still have a bunch of readings from the same machine.

3 years ago I had surgery and before being given the needle the HR monitor I was hooked up to went off in an alarm because my pulse went below 45 bpm.

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