Skate Review: Sure-Grip Rebel black Invader derby package
When this package skate was introduced months ago, it was reported that Sure-Grip could not keep up with the initial demand. Not bad for a package skate that was not in any catalogs (that I know of) at the time. It was annouunced on the S-G site, and on SkatelogForums.

With roller derby on the rise, and skating in general for that matter, demand for more and better choices has increased. Many "fresh meat" derby girls know little if anything about skates. Many need an economical way to get started. After all, a newbie has to buy EVERYTHING all at once; skates, pads, helmet, etc. just to get started. Most starter package skates lack in one area or another. Some are descent, but with lame wheels. Others are decent, but with lousy plates. Some have crap bearings. Some have nothing going for them but low cost.

With the release of the Rebel black Invader, a freshie or recreational skater can buy a package skate that has "good everything". In fact, I consider the plates to be great. The boots are reportedly pretty durable and comfortable. Some buyers have reported broken plastic upper eyelets and tongue rubbing at the top. The solution seems to be not lacing them all the way to the top. We did this and had no issues or break-in time.
If you don't like the wheels, at least they are good enough to trade or sell on Ebay for something you do like. Many dealers will upgrade or swap items such as wheels or bearings as part of the package. Thumbsupup All that at a suggested price of $200. It has been my experience that you can shop around and get this package for substantially less than that. Your final cost could vary greatly depending on shipping, of course.

When this package was announced, I vowed to buy a pair for my oldest son. He is almost done growing, or at least I hope he is. He is 15 and stands over 6 feet tall. Omg He was pretty jazzed by the deal as well, be we had to wait untill our finances would allow it. In the meantime he kept skating his 429 sz11 boots on size 8 (8 inch wheel base) Invader S/A plates and various S-G wheels such as Zoom and Twisters. His old skates worked well for what they were, but I could tell that they were holding him back form being a better skater. Boo

Finally, the money got right and I contacted DerbySMACK through the Skate Market here on SS. (button at the top of the page) Nathan hooked us up with the colors my boy wanted and even upgraded the bearings. The price was better than I hoped and they were delivered in about a week.

What he got:
Rebel Boot. All-leather (blue)
Sz 4 black Invader double action 45º plates (mounted "short forward" at the factory)
Purple "super cushions" (Medium, urethane)
Blue Fugitive wheels
Qube 8-ball bearings

[Image: DustinsNewRebelInvaders010.jpg]
[Image: DustinsNewRebelInvaders009.jpg]
[Image: DustinsNewRebelInvaders007.jpg]
[Image: DustinsNewRebelInvaders006.jpg]
[Image: DustinsNewRebelInvaders011.jpg]

The skates came fully assembled and only needed a slight kingpin adjustment to suit him. These are bolted, not rivited.

The unboxing:

The next afternoon, he swapped a set of my outdoor wheels onto them and tried them out in the driveway. He tweaked the kingpin adjustment and declared them ready for the rink. While he was initially surprised by how far forward the rear axle was, his initial trial put his mind at ease.

Rolling them at the rink:

After about a half hour, I asked him what his initial thoughts were. He replied "They're great.". I asked what he likes best about them. He said "They go where I want them to." I then asked what he didn't like about them. His responce was "Nothing. There is nothing I don't like about them."
He also commented that the wheels did not need any break in. He liked the grip and was satisfied with their roll. When compared to the Twisters that he skated last, he felt the Twisters had slightly more roll, but less grip. Overall, he was pleased with the fugatives. We skate on a wood floor with worn coating. He weighs about 160~175 lbs.
During the session he was goofing around with his younger borther and his little friend who were sliding on their butts in the middle of the floor. When he did that, he chaffed a spot on the heel of the boot.

[Image: DustinsNewRebelInvaders005.jpg]

My impression, after watching him skate, was that he adjusted to them very quickly. I watched his skating improve noticably during that first session. I can't wait to see how much he improves over the next few sessions.
This is a great package skate. I feel that it would be a good package for any skater who expects to skate more than a few times a year. This package is WELL worth the price jump from a $99 ~ $125 package. They tend to run in the $170 ~ $185 range.

The boots are offered in several colors plus black and white. The Fugatives also come in several colors, however some colors are harder than others. Most are 92A while the greens are 97A, so choose wisely.

His came with round black laces. He swapped them for the blue flat laces you see in the pictures.
I forgot to mention that he wears a men's sz 11 New Balance running shoe. The Rebels are also men's 11 and fit him well. They are ample in the toe width, but drew in with the laces. He has a small amount of grow room in the length.
I have seen this boot in red and the look out of sight. Thumbsupup Having read this, I might look into this whole package instead of just getting new boots.
Thanks for posting this. Shades
I really like the color of the boots. I think black wheels would have looked good with them.
I would love to find a way to touch up that chafe.
(01-26-2011, 08:17 AM)Dolly Wrote: I really like the color of the boots. I think black wheels would have looked good with them.

I was thinking white Shamans with their blue anodized hubs. [Image: white-hyper-shamans.jpg]
Remove the graphics.
(01-27-2011, 08:56 PM)Wheel Man Wrote:
(01-26-2011, 08:17 AM)Dolly Wrote: I really like the color of the boots. I think black wheels would have looked good with them.

I was thinking white Shamans with their blue anodized hubs. [Image: white-hyper-shamans.jpg]
Remove the graphics.

Only until they turn yellow.
maybe this stuff would restore the color on your son's boots?
THAT is stinkin' AWESOME!! Thank you! Worshippy
I was going to order some items from there, but they have a minimum order amount. I went to the Tarrago site and tried to order one little thing of that stuff, but their shipping is six bucks for a four dollar item.
I plan to stop by the shoe shop next chance I get and see if they carry it in stock Save shipping. It just isn't worth ten bucks to touch up one pair of shoes.

They also make dye that will supposedly cover other colors, allowing you to change colors. Ever use any of that?

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