Skate Plate Sizing Chart - Standard and Short
I want to sincerely thank niterdr95 for creating this chart. Thumbsupup

[Image: PlatesizingChart.jpg]

Sure-Grip's plate 2011 dimension chart:
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.pdf   AXLE-DISTANCE-2011.pdf (Size: 27.13 KB / Downloads: 5)

[Image: Sure-GripPlateChart-2011.PNG]

Snyder Advantage Specifications:
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.pdf   snyder-size-chart.pdf (Size: 90.37 KB / Downloads: 3)

[Image: snyder-size-chart.PNG]

Sure-Grip Avenger DA45 size chart courtesy of

[Image: Invader-DA45-Size-Chart-DerbySMACK.jpg]
I just posted the 2011 Sure-Grip chart. It now shows sizes smaller than zero. Thumbsupup

Previous chart for comparison:

[Image: Sure-GripPlateChart.PNG]

Here is another all-inclusive set of charts:

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.pdf   AXLE-DISTANCE-2011.pdf (Size: 27.13 KB / Downloads: 2)
Thank you for posting the charts. I think there are something wrong with the inches column. for example, first number is 550 inches should be 5.50 inches.
More brands here:
Bumping for my reference. I'm thinking about the Avenger DA45 with a short forward mount.
I'm wearing a size 7 boot (very loose without an insert), and my foot measures 6 1/4" from center ball to center heel.
I'm thinking I would need a size 1 plate?
The first chart points toward a 5.75" wheel base for a SF setup on 6.5 to 7 boot. Sure-Grip measures theirs BETWEEN the axles instead of center-to-center like everyone else. Therefore you need to subtract about 5/16" from 5.75" to get the S-G distance of 5.44 (5 7/16)
The closest to that on the Avenger chart is Size 1, which is listed as 5 3/8".

In other words, yes. Size 1 for you. I just wanted to show the math.
thank you! Smile Would it matter much that the boot is too big?
I'm thinking I might just get a new boot altogether since it would be silly to upgrade wheels and plates while continuing to use a boot that's too big. According to the Riedell size chart, I should be in a 6, and I had originally planned to get a smaller size eventually. I confess I don't look forward to breaking in a new boot.
Choose your plate according to your 'correct' boot size.

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