Skate 3 turn? How?
I can do a one-footed turn like in the video by Billj. What more is there to doing a proper 3 turn? Before you say control, style and grace, let me say that I actually have a little of that. I'm not balistic ALL the time. Laughing
OK, I am getting back to this. I did it almost properly in the driveway last night. I'm anxious to try again tonight. Thumbsupup

I got a good view of it on this video:
Question: does he turn all four wheels at once? I hear them skidding, but which ones? It looks like maybe he pivots mostly on the front truck.
He is rotating on the front and dragging the back wheels. I try to lift my back wheels a bit more to insure that they make it around. Especially on pavement.
I made some more progress tonight, but I still haven't quite got it.
He shows the move very well, but fails to explain the move step by step. It would help if he explained where your weight needs to be, which axle to turn on, some better tips about the rotation and so on. I tried this in the hous and had to keep looking at the video again. I have more questions now than before I saw the video. Pinch
I see what you mean, but he does say some important things like "rotate your shoulders" and "keep your weight over your foot". If he elaborated on those two things it would be a better video.

Anywho, I DID IT!! W00t1 I got it worked out and am able to do the 3-turn pretty consistently. I will try to get some video tomorrow. I couldn't record it tonight because it was dark, and my videographer already went to bed.

I was so thrilled I wanted to shout.
Good job, man. Now get back to work on that axel you promised us. Thumbsupup
Buster, you are so mean! Can't you just say "good job on the 3 turn" and leave it at that?
Sounded more encouraging than mean IMHO.

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