She is incredible!
And I love the bloopers!
(02-06-2014, 12:14 PM)mrs slowpoke Wrote: And I love the bloopers!

LOL. "Oh NO!!" I love the bloopers too. Smile

She is tough. I did some co-ed scrimmage against her a couple years ago. I had quickly developed a devious little move where I could "trap" a person on my hip. My basketball experience, fighting for position under the hoop, plus the DA45 advantages in a pushing contest allowed me to constantly change push angles and keep the other player off balance. Estro was the ONLY person to escape my hip. How. By straight side hitting. HARD hitting. It was like, bam, bam, BAM, and she created space to get away.

Take a good look at her thighs and butt. (guys, keep it clean) A lot of muscle down there. She got a well built bottom end. Powerful.
I could do all of that, too, if I had Bones Swiss bearings. Shades

Actually, I have done some of that. Street skating is fun. My boys and I take skates on vacations, and when we get a chance to venture out, we hit up strip malls and places of that nature.
She is incredibly tough... I don't think I have ever seen her skate vert with pads on. I would be all kinds of broken if I tried that!
This is great. She is really incredible!
You should check this video of Mathilde in France she's incredibly good in bowl too and I heard Michelle just contact her Wink

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