New Girl On The Track
Hey everyone! Name is SinBunny. I am a Cali Derby Girl.

At once I was a Jammer on a non-pro derby team, but I was injured pretty bad during a practice jam with another team. And was pretty much marked "disabled." I was slammed out of the rink in this jam, flew up against a wall. Now my body has 14 pins (well 13, not even my doctor knows where one of my ankle pins went.

My wife jokes that I am going to hear a *klank* in the toilet one morning hahahahahahaha. Either way, yes, I was disabled for a bit. HOWEVER! I got the go-ahead from my doctor to start skating competitively again.

HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!! I am NOT ONLY looking to be a Jammer! I am looking into trick skating. I've always loved girls like EstroJen

But yeah, that's my life story
If you ain't bleeding, you didn't play hard enough!
Welcome to the site! Great to have you here. Are you currently "active" on your team? What sort of tricks are you looking at learning?

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