Need Advice on Suregrip Rebel Quads with Hybrid Poison wheels
I'm looking at the Suregrip Rebel Quads with Hybrid Poison wheels for $188 on DERBY SMACK.......What do you guys think about them for a general indoor outdoor skate. They look like my old speed skates from the 80's, but I would like some advice before I get them. Thanks!
What plates? What bearings?
Can you post a link to the page?

Rebel boots are one of the best, if not the best budget boot out there. They are real leather, comfortable, and reasonably durable.

DerbySmack is great to deal with. They will gladly build them with different options and not upcharge you to death. This is the best time to pick a good set of bearings, and even some nylon wheel nuts while you are buying a package. Avoid spending money twice.
Here is the link:

IT has an option of ABEC7 or QUBE-8 ball for $15 more.
I'm not sure what kind of plates they have.

Those have plastic plates. I would recommend an aluminum or magnesium plate. Aluminum being the cheaper of the two. Plastic plates in longer sizes found on men's skates trend to flex enough to handle poorly. I had a pair that sagged in the middle, causing foot pain.
The prices will jump up, but plates are the heart of the skate. Good plates hold resale value, too. Just search eBay to see what used plates are selling for.

Poisons are a good all around wheel. While a bit soft for most rinks, they do well outdoors. Few wheels will do both as well as they do..
Narrow wheels work better outdoors. Since poisons are really grippy, the narrow versions would be the best all-around wheel, in my opinion.

For the fifteen extra dollars, I would upgrade the bearings. You won't notice it outdoors, but good bearings really shine at the rink.

Nathan, the owner of Derby Smack, has always taken good care of members of this site, so be sure to mention that in your communication.

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Thanks for the advice Reserector! I will defiantly tell Nathan that this forum sent me.

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