Looking for a rink manager/right hand man/lady
More of a 'right hand man/lady' that loves the classical roller rink! (Mods-If this is in the wrong place can it be moved). I am in the process of purchasing a professional built and well maintained 17,000 plus square foot roller rink. Located in the panhandle of Florida outside of a larger city. Slightly smaller county. Been operating non-stop since 1980.

It did not go out of business, the owner is almost 80 years old and wanted his kids to take it over but they all have their own satisfying well paying careers outside of the area. The owner is involved in two other business ventures and needed to get rid of this. I am buying it and relocating there next year.

It has a clear span of about 100' by 150' . DJ Booth, stage for live acts, dressing rooms, concession area, seating for over 50 people, 3 studio apartments outside of it, etc. I will redesign the concession area and put in a modern food service with some specialty foods. More than just frozen pizza and roller grill hot dogs! I am also contracting with one of the best lighting/sound guys to come in and redo the lighting/sound system with infinite and trick features. I have a great contact in the amusement vending business and he is willing to equip and asset in designing my new gaming area.

I do plan to do numerous programs with co-sponsors in the local business community as well as a 501c3 entity for fundraisers and helping the underprivileged children in the area which I am extremely motivated and passion filled about! I plan to cater to all groups, children, young adults and adults. Parties and special events will be held on a regular basis.

I am very serious and looking for a person that likes this type of business and wants to be a part of it full time. Please contact me to discuss. Thanks.
Wow, That is exciting! I was always at the skating rink growing up in the early 80's! I congratulate you on your new business adventure. You have a lot of great ideas! Thanks for keeping it going!

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