Ideas on scheduling?
I have read on other forums how the largest compliant with numerous rinks seems to be a conflict in skaters style on the floor.

With that in mind, can you all give me some input as to what an ideal or desired schedule would be to cater to the 3 groups, children, young adults and adults.

As a new rink owner, I want to make the largest portion happy with some kind of schedule and protocols.

Regulars Only
Mixed, anybody and any type
Kids only
Novices (as in truly learning to skate)
Old School
Adults only, late hours, etc.

Any input would be appreciated, thanks.
Regulars Only - Define "regular". Weekday evenings. Catch the after work crowd, and after dinner crowd.
Mixed, anybody and any type - Saturday afternoon (3 or 4 till around 7 or 8) Sunday afternoon from around 2 - 4 or 5. Discounts with a church bulletin from that day will attract church youth groups.
Kids only - Saturday morning to afternoon (partys)
Novices (as in truly learning to skate) Mornings/ early afternoon. May depend on when and if you can have an instructor available.
Old School - on a weekday morning or two. Many oldschool skaters are old, or housewives. Some rinks have an occasional organ music night that is planned and announced well in advance.
Adults only, late hours, etc. - Saturday Night (after the late afternoon session). Skaters from the afternoon session can re-enter for a reduced fee.

Friday night will be teens and pre-teens. The evening can be split into two sessions like the Saturday afternoon/night.

Break up the evening and night sessions with All Skate, Couples only, backwards only, ladies only, men only, races, shuffle only, and so on. That forces everyone off the floor at one point or another, and increases snack bar and arcade business, and social atmosphere. It is also an incentive for skaters to learn skills in order to skate more. (I can usually stay on the floor the whole night with the exception of ladies only.)
It is also an incentive for them to skate with the group they fit best with, because they have limited opportunity. They won;t sit around all night and skate a few laps at the last minute.

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