Hey all, new to this group. Found it when looking for some info on Power Trac plates I have acquired. Anyway, I am 57 and skate indoors and out. Quads only. Have tried and tried to do inlines with my kids, but to no avail! Original skates were some no name low top booted Sure Grip Century plates with SA45 and blue spruce wheels. Bought in 1979. Pulled them out a few years ago when my kids wanted to start skating, got some smiles out of them and the small diameter wheels. Bought some R3's a while ago and I have enjoyed them (Currently outdoor set up with Atom Pulse wheels). Been doing some horse trading and had Riedell 695 boot with Reactor plates, but the boot hurt my foot. Getting ready to try a Riedell 395 boot on a Power Trac plate and Sure Grip Interceptor V Drive wheels. Only concern is the 7 degree king pin angle. I like 'turny' skates.
Sorry for the ramble. Looking forward to being a part of the group.

Paul in OKC
Welcome to our hangout! Good to have you.
I'm surprised you got wooden wheels in '79. Even I had upgraded to FoMac Premiers by then. Biggrin

It's amazing how many of us get back into skating by using our kids or grand kids as an excuse. Smile I haven't been skating much lately because my kids took a break from it. I guess I need grand kids now.

If Reidell boots aren't working for you, look into a Sure-Grip, Vanilla, Bont, or something else. Reidell tends to run narrow.
Thanks! The 395 boot is very comfortable. Going to have to tweek the power track plates a bit, not near as twisty as I like or am used to Smile
I used to think that the wheels were the most important part of a skate. Then I realized the importance of a good plate. But as time goes on, I have come to learn the value of a good fitting boot. A loose or tight boot will affect performance as much as any other part of the skate. The thing about boots, however, is that they can change as they break in. That makes it hard to find the perfect boot.

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