First Day of Derby!
So one of the things I like most about forums is being able to go back and look at where you were when you first joined; so I decided to make this thread. I want to make a progress thread so I can track where I am now, and be able to see how I improve or what I'll need to work on. I won't lie, a lot of the purpose is to encourage myself so I can look back and say "Look at how far you've come!". I think I'll need this sometimes seeing as how I'm just jumping in and joining the rec team instead of doing freshmeat first (which is in November), so I am the only new skater on the team ._. Everyone else who was "new" just finished their assessments. I try not to compare myself to others, but it will happen.

My first derby practice is tomorrow night, and I really want to just get an idea of where I am now and then compare that to what I learn tomorrow, and then look back each month and see where I've gotten.

As I write this I am an absolute beginner. I've been on skates on and off now for a couple years, but I just recently discovered a local rink (before I was outdoor skating, and considering I live in NE and half our year has snow, that didn't work too well). Since I discovered the rink I have been going at least twice a week for 3-4 hours at a time. As of now I can skate forward, fall correctly, do knee touches, do 360* knee drops, plow stop effectively (just got the hang of dropping the bum xD), and t-stop.

I think I will see a huge improvement after my new skates come in. I'm currently on Viper M1 skates and they're ridiculously stiff and keep me from doing sharp turns and the like, so transitions and skating backwards have been difficult. They're also very bulky and hard to lift. When I tried on my new skates I noticed that this will no longer be a problem, so hopefully crossovers will be a little easier.
Practice was awesome! Though I'm a lot less sore this morning than I thought I would be. I worked on a lot of basics with one of the trainers one-on-one. We worked on plow stops, t-stops, sticky skating/weaving, overall derby stance, and skating backwards.

The plow stops were fine. t-stops didn't want to happen at first, but when we moved on to something else and went back to it, it just clicked and now they're fine too. Same thing with weaving, I was doing these huge weaves that were making me lose momentum, but then I watched the trainer do it and it clicked and I did a couple laps without lifting my skates! Derby stance needs some work. My knees are bent, so I have skating balance, but I need to get much lower. Skating backwards is just not happening for me, nothing is clicking.

I'm hoping a lot of it will be easier with my new skates, I'm excited to have responsive skates!
If you are struggling with crossovers, check out my crossover videos on the home page (part 1 and 2)

Your new skates, with the sport mount should help you do two things you are having trouble with. 1) they will help you get more drive off of your heels because of the axle placement and the improved steering. 2) the forward front axle placement will make it feel more natural to get lower. When you get low, you put more weight on your toes, and that helps.
They haven't even had me try crossovers yet tbh, but I have watched your videos and will again before I go to the rink tomorrow!

It'll still help with just the sport mount and not the short-forward? I practiced holding derby stance off of wheels today. I figured the more I can hold it off wheels will only help when on wheels.
Welcome to the world of derby! What team/league are you skating with?

A tip- you can always get lower! You'll hear that more then anything else in your derby career haha.
Thanks! I'm skating with NHRD and I'm on the Millyard misfits while I wait for freshmeat to come around again in November. It's almost like pre-freshmeat xD.
Lizzie, you are starting the new year out right! You're going to do great and start to progress very fast and have a lot of fun doing it. You seem very motivated to do this!

It's great that you are taking advantage of a rink. Keep going. Actually go as much as you can. The more you skate, the better, faster, stronger you will get. Plus, to me, it's fun! I try to work on something different everytime I go.

Really cool you wanted to start this thread and see your process! I think you will be surprised how quickly you take off. Good luck to you and we will be looking forward to hearing how it goes from here on out.
I love Mrs. slowpoke.
Thanks! Right now I'm really working on derby stance, so I've been doing small weaves (sticky skating) around the track and challenging myself to get lower each time! I'm also making myself stop with t-stops instead of plow stops (since I have more difficulty with t-stops). When I do use plow stops, I challenge myself to drop lower.

I'm really enjoying myself =]
Been going to the gym about 3 times a week. Doing the 30 min Planet Fitness workout station, and then using the elliptical machine for 30 mins. Changed my whole diet too. I've been severely lactose intolerant my whole life and I have gluten sensitivity, but I tended to eat whatever I wanted and suffer through the gross feeling anyway. I've stopped doing this. Eating fruits and vegetables more, cut back on red meat and using more chicken and ground turkey. Also going skating at the rink twice a week to practice what I learn in practice.

(Also, if any of you have lactose issues or just like coconut flavoring, the SoDelicious Coconut Milk yogurts are amazing!)

I've lost 2lbs!

Oh! I got new knee pads yesterday too, because my old ones were terrible.
I'm lactose intolerant as well, and found that vanilla almond milk is the best thing ever in the world. I've been making protein shakes with it, and it's awesome.

Yay 2lbs loss! That's exciting! Life style changes are the way to do it, not just dieting. Sounds like you're serious about being awesome at derby, and that's great for you!

What kind of knee pads did you get? I went through four different types before I found the right ones for me.

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