Cosmic Superfly skate wheel review
I ordered these through Nathan. I sent him a PM stating that I want yellow wheels to go with my yellow skates that I just built. I told him I wanted a 62 by 40-ish wheel, about a 96A or 97A durometer, and yellow. He replies and says he has some Cosmic Superfly wheels in yellow.

[Image: IMG_20130131_205604_zpsfa709598.jpg]

I was like "Really? Omg I have not been able to find them in yellow. Only white or black (online at The Rollerskate Proshop). So I said sure. Send me them, along with some other small items that I needed.

They are not an expensive wheel, but I am impressed with the quality. The plastic hub is as rigid as any out there. Between that and the hard urethane, the roll is really good on my local wood floor.

I did no break-in other than to wet them and skate on the carpet. I do this to remove any slippery residue that may be on the wheels from manufacturing.

From the very first lap, these wheels felt great. True, smooth, and great grip. Not once did a wheel slip on me. I felt totally confident with these wheels.

As if that is not good enough, the yellow wheels that I got actually flouresce under the blacklights at the local rink.

These have a slight inset at the back of the wheel, which makes the wheels set in (toward the truck) a bit. They are a full width wheel, but they only stick out (about) like a "mid" width wheel.

That's all I have to say about them. Great wheel for the price. Thumbsupup
WOW ! Those wheels look great with your skates !
Looks like the color matches perfectly and what an added bonus that they flouresce !
You should try and get someone to take some pictures of how they look under the light. I would love to see that.
Happy Sk8n !!! Roll

Riedell 336 Tribute / Rival / 97A RollerBones Turbos / Bones Super Reds Ceramics / Pro-Designed Wrist Guards (never SK8 w/out 'em !)
I wish the boots would glow as well. That would be sick!
Little known fact, the Cosmics are now being poured at the Vanilla factory. Excellent urethane with lots of roll!

The Cosmic wheels are badass. Thumbsupup
I see that Sonic offers them on their employee site.
Are these readily available in all the colors?
I freaking hate that site. Doh

Everything but green is available right now.
I never thought yellow skates could look that cool. Nice job.
Thanks, man.
I have been skating these for a year now. They are my steady date. My go-to. They are fast, grippy and predictable. I love these wheels, and price has nothing to do with it.

I'm about to order some more, just to have on hand, and to have a different color. The set I am on right now are good as new. I just love them so much that I want more of them. Sneaky
I can vouch. I've been on Reserector's skates twice and the grip and roll of these wheels is amazing. And the price, around $40 for a set???? What?! It is a mystery to me why these wheels are so good, and so cheap!
I love Mrs. slowpoke.

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