Body paint for numbers
Anyone use body paint to paint on numbers? We're playing in a tournament in a few weeks and trying to figure out the best way to make our numbers stay the whole weekend (for those who dont have arm bands). I'm trying to figure out body paint, but I don't know anything about it to figure out what I need. Anyone? Or can point me in the direction of someone who might? We wanted to do airbrush, but it's too expensive to justify.
Ha! I was going to suggest airbrushing .. I was just about to pull the trigger (literally?) and buy a small airbrush kit and stencils for my team when I was coaching, as I disliked the distraction of having to redo numbers all the time throughout the game. You can find some pretty cheap airbrushing kits online - and then you can reuse the device to airbrush stenciled artwork on people for a buck or two to raise money (or use your team logo to raise awareness and support of your team).

I don't know about body paint, but we did find that applying some men's antiperspirant over a marked on number helped the number last longer though - most of the girls on my wife's current team do that now and I don't think i ever see anyone reapplying numbers during games.
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Airbrushing definitely works well.
I've used temp tattoo spray before and it stays on the whole game and comes off easily after. Plus it looks a lot neater than sharpie, and I think it still looks better than most armbands.
What brand temp tattoo spray do you buy for the bouts on the airbrush?
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Yeah I would be interested in what spray has worked

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