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I have started skating again after a long hiatus. Was fairly advanced as a kid, skated all the time, indoors and out, won some simple local contests. We didn't know it then, but I guess now you would say we were artistic/rhythm/jam skaters kind of all in one - we did any and every kind of move we could think of on our skates, although not as good as the videos I've been watching lately of those ladies who skate outside in Long Beach...wowza. Impressive.

I had a pair of probably the lowest model Riedells - I never knew enough to know what specific model, but they were ladies high boots. They were my most prized possession as a kid and it took a LOT to convince my folks to drop the money to buy them (used, of course). Even though they wouldn't fit me now, I sure do wish I still had them...

Anyway, I'm 35 years older and nearly 100 pounds heavier, but my daughters have taken an interest in this sport that I had all but forgotten about, so I've been getting my skating legs back over the past several weeks with them. We have been session skating and renting skates, but wow - do those leave a lot to be desired. I would like to get some skates for all of us so we could skate outdoors to get more hours in (not many rinks left around here, and what few there are are barely open other than weekends). There are four of us, so I need to keep the costs in check. The youngest two (12, 13 yrs) are very much beginners, but improving so quickly with time spent, the 20 year old is a moderate beginner (she is starting to work on crossovers), and then me, not as agile as I used to be - yet! - but getting there, although not sure I'll ever be doing jumps and spins again....

I would like to get some skates that could go outdoor AND indoor, I would plan to change out wheels for this, but I don't know if that is practical. Thanks for any guidance and thank you for this forum - I have learned SO much in the past few days reading here.

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