Back in the rink after 35 years
And do I feel old! In what previous decade did I leave my (limited) skills? I've become one of those stiff-legged, arm-waving, wall-hugging Frankenstein skaters. And I haven't had that much fun in years in spite of my first time being family night with dozens of kids splattered all over the floor. My dodging skills came back pretty quick! Thumbsupup

I bought myself a super cheap pair of skates since surely they'll be a step up from those torture devices known as rentals. If I keep this up I'll be looking at investing in a good lifelong setup, and these (Roller Derby Vipers--yeah, cheapos) will become my outdoor neighborhood skates. If they last.

I'm looking forward to joining in here. I've already learned A LOT.
We're glad to have you on board. Welcome to the site. Thumbsupup
A lot of us "mature" folks get back into skating because of our kids, only to become born-again kids ourselves. The danger is that falls can cause loss-of-work injuries, so don't be shy about padding up. I always wear wrist guards, myself.

The benefits are tremendous, though. Better stamina, weight loss, lower blood pressure, and just an overall better lifestyle. Not to mention FUN. I find that the older I get, the harder it is to get motivated to be active. That's where the fun factor makes all the difference to me.
Thanks for the welcome. Thumbsupup Yes, a fun exercise is one reason I took this up again. The two hours I was at the rink flew by I was having so much fun. Edited to say I agree regarding padding up. I'm looking now for some wrist guards and possibly knee pads. Or a Michelin man suit.
Welcome to Southernskater!! I'm glad you are re-discovering skating after all this time! We look forward to hearing about all of your adventures.

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