Any Other Rythym, JB or RollerDance Skaters on the Forum ???
Any Other Rythym, JB or RollerDance Skaters on the Forum ???

If so......

1) How long have you been skating ?
2) What do you roll on ?
3) Where do you usually roll ?
4) How would you categorize your style of skating ?


1) I've been skating since about the mid 70s when I was about 8 years old. My very first pair of skates were those old metal "clip-on" skates with the leather straps and metal wheels (LOL). Anyway, I ended up stopping for a while due to an injury requiring surgery, and then I returned to skating a couple of years ago - and I'm so glad I did because I really missed it.

2) I roll on Riedell 336 Tributes, with Rival Plates, 97A RollerBones Turbos Wheels, and Bones Super Reds Ceramics Bearings.

[Image: KimzSK8s_WEBPhoto_MED_zpsc0dca806.jpg]

3) I usually skate at the Wheels Fun Park in Durham, NC - or - the United Skates of America (old Skate Ranch) in Raleigh NC.

4) I would categorize my style of skating as: Smooth Rollerdancing where the rythym, flow and beat of the music dictate the footwork, movements and spins I make on the floor.
Happy Sk8n !!! Roll

Riedell 336 Tribute / Rival / 97A RollerBones Turbos / Bones Super Reds Ceramics / Pro-Designed Wrist Guards (never SK8 w/out 'em !)
I'm sort of a JB shuffler. I shuffle at a good pace, but I add a lot of footwork and body language.
I am looking forward to be a shuffle skate/jam skater.

I skate on vanilla curve's (xk4 plates) atom omega's, annabolix, and suregrip v-drives with either qube 8-balls, or bones swiss
I skate indoors at a hole in the wall called Classic fun center here in Utah, or if im in Tx funcity sk8, or pearwood(assumimg they're still in business)
I don't consider myself to have a certain style. (if i were to incorporate my b-boy skills I would consider myself to be a power-styler with a-lot of ground control (freezes) with a bit of waving/ body control for shuffle skating.)

With all of that being said. Does anyone have any pointers on toe-toe spins (they seem to be the easiest starting point). I have seen JSA's video's more than 25x, but in terms of getting advise from the other guys here.

You are the only one who sets your limitations
I do some jam moves, rythm dance, cool foot work. Always shuffle to the right music. I like a lot cool move on the toes. Grapevine etc. I usually roll at Beechmont rollarena east side of Cincinnati, OH. Great wood floor recently refinished. Fast and smooth.
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I, for one, am all about some shuffle, JB moves and high speed footwork. I'm too old to do floor work. The last time I got on the floor and did a baby freeze, they called 911. LOL
I can almost Grapevine. Been like that for years, in fact. But I can tuen 360s at speed continuously on the straights.
Thanks!! My knees are in bad shape, but I have learned how to move with them. The short mount avenger plate sure makes it a lot easier. There are things I can't do anymore. I'm 48, but I still get it done, for an old
52. Smile

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