400 Pairs of Roller Skates for sale!!
            400 Pairs of Roller Skates for sale. 

I use these skates for a rental business to area schools to use during Physical Education.  They are in varying condition, from brand new to very used. The skates range from size 1 to size 14. 

Size breakdown:
Size 1: 16
Size 2: 24
Size 3: 34
Size 4: 32
Size 5: 33
Size 6: 34
Size 7: 40
Size 8: 44
Size 9: 43
Size 10: 32
Size 11: 28
Size 12: 20
Size 13: 14
Size 14: 6

There are also crates that I use to transport the skates to the schools. They measure 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide by 2 feet deep. They are on casters and divided into 16 compartments. They are made of sturdy plywood and have locking doors.

I also have tons of miscellaneous parts: wheels, bearings, laces, insoles, padlocks, wheel grinder, etc.

I would like to sell everything I have as a group, but am open to offers.
I would be willing to deliver -- for the right price. 
I am willing to negotiate.
Price based on 400 skates at $24 per pair.

Thank you for your time. Hope someone can get a lot of use out of these great skates.

Email is best.
reply to post or directly to cratesofskates{at}gmail.com

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